Starting out

So, the other day I watched this TED talk by Matt Cutts:  (Someday I’ll figure out how to link these things, but I’m just starting out.)  The idea is to change your life one month at a time.  Mr. Cutts points out that if we change nothing, the month will go by anyway, so we might as well try something.  So, I’m taking the challenge.  For the month of August, I am giving up multi-tasking while I’m eating.  The only exceptions are to converse with whomever I’m eating with and to watch what is happening around me.  Today was Day ONE.  It was weird eating my breakfast without reading the paper.  At lunch I used my lovely tray that the boys got me for Mother’s Day, that at the time I thought was a useless gift, to take lunch out on the front porch.  I sat at my little table that I bought at T.J. Maxx in March that was just what I had been looking for for years.  I watched a tiger swallowtail butterfly feed at the Jupiter’s Beard.  A silly bird kept coming to the feeder above my head, but flitting away as soon as I moved.  It was lovely.  And here’s the thing.  Normally I want to eat all afternoon, but today I didn’t.  Maybe it was that I was really full from my husband’s jambalaya left-overs or maybe it was that I had tasted more of my food.  Only time will tell.  Dinner was a bit tricky.  In the middle of dinner, Dan asked me if I had enough credit hours to move over a column on the salary schedule.  Well, that was just too interesting to put off.  I will have 32 in two weeks, so I might have enough for a nice little raise.  So, I popped up and found the correct file to check.  I’m not sure, but I think I had a bite or two while I was checking.   Old habits and all.  Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not anywhere near moving across.  But next year I will get to move across two columns!  Something to look forward.  With the pay raise, it will take me 11 1/2 years to pay back my student loans (not counting interest).  Now isn’t that a depressing thought!  What was I thinking?


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