One of our family traditions is to watch a movie together on Saturday night while eating a dessert that I made that day. Last week it was peanut butter chocolate chip pizzookies. You don’t know what a pizzookie is? Oh you poor thing. There is a chain of restaurants called BJ’s (not to be confused with the wonderful BJ’s Ice Cream here in Florence) that serves, among other things, pizza. On their dessert menu is a concoction called a pizzookie. They take a personal pizza pan, fill it with cookie dough, bake it and then top it with a mound of ice cream. So now you know. It is tricky to find the pans and I finally had to settle on small spring-form pans. We suffer, but manage. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the tradition.

This tradition is totally against the rules of this month’s change. Obviously, we are eating AND watching a movie, definitely multi-tasking….or at least dual-tasking. Do I have to give up either the movie or the dessert and watch my family have all the fun? I do not. It is my challenge, therefore I make the rules. I declare that Saturday night movie night is a worthy exception to the rule! It’s good to be queen.


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