Decisions, decisions

Yesterday morning I woke up in another state. It wasn’t a surprise. It was where I went to sleep the night before. I was staying at my cousin’s house in Winlock, Washington in their fifth wheel. Well, the fifth wheel has shades and my cousin very graciously pulled them all down. I had no idea that the reason I keep waking up at 6 am was because my bedroom had become light. I know that now because I slept solidly until 8:30. I even slept through a man coming and taking away some heavy machinery which I’m told was rather noisy.

No one else there is as fixated on breakfast as I am, so there was only tea. Two hours later, I finally spoke up and was offered pie with ice cream or without. Well, gee. What would you do? I had pie for brunch. It was lovely. Fruit, grain, milk…balanced meal. Then Marlene took us to see a few things including the B&B that we might stay in for the wedding. And I dawdled. I am a dawdler, unless I want something fast. Then I think other dawdlers are SO inconsiderate.

Finally around noon, I took off. The pie turned out to be surprisingly filling and stayed with me for quite awhile. Around three o’clock, I started to get hungry. I wasn’t really sure what I was hungry for, but I faced a quandary. In addition to wanting to eat, I was also anxious to get off the road and be home. Because I’m not multi-tasking while I’m eating, that meant that I would have to sacrifice one for the other. Which to choose? I’ve never had this dilemma before. In the past, I would have found something portable to eat and munched away while on the road. But that was no longer an option. I drove by stores and Subways and thought about stopping. But every time, I found that I just wanted to get home. Home, home, home. Finally I had to stop to use the little driver’s room. I stopped at Ray’s in Veneta to use their facilities. Then I felt guilty for not buying something. Hmmm. I finally settled on a banana which I ate leaning against the back of my car. I enjoyed the banana and it filled me up more than I expected. Back on the road. But the whole stop cost me much more time than the banana. I ended up at the end of a train of 10 cars (I counted, which is rather tricky going around curves.) cars behind a motorhome. Sigh. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped at all. What are the rules about multi-tasking while peeing?


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