Monthly Archives: September 2011

Catching up

OK, so it’s been over a month since I posted.  I was afraid that would happen once school beg.  And I was right.  I love my job.  Really I do.  This past week I created a menu choice board for one of my autistic students so he could easily and understandably make his own choice at lunch.  It is very cool and he loves it.  Success!  But it has still been a very tough start to the year.  I feel like there are little ducks running around with lit matches starting fires every where.  I’m so busy putting out those fires that I don’t have time to get the ducks corralled.  And because the ducks aren’t being controlled they are lighting more fires.  But that should get better soon.  My supervisor has OKed me working full time for two weeks.  I think that should be enough, depending on my student’s behavior.  Even though I’m not scheduled with them, if they have a behavior I respond.  Friday it was stopping a student from dustmopping the floor with his back.

So, that is the whiny explanation of why I’ve not been writing.  (Not that there are many of you to notice.)  And I probably will not be too prolific for the next couple of weeks either.  But I’m not giving up.  Just slowing down a bit.

You might be wondering how my August not multi-tasking while I was eating went and what did I choose for September.  Well, not doing things while I ate about drove me crazy.  I thought I might lose some weight because I was more “mindful.”  But that did not take into account vacation eating.  You know what that is, right?  You go out to eat for every meal and eat it all.  Normally when I go out for a meal, I divide my entree in half immediately and put it in a to-go box. Then I only eat half and have the rest for later.  But when you are staying in a motel, there is no later.  And I generally am on a see-food diet.  If I can see it, I eat it.  Even if I don’t much care for it.  It has to be pretty nasty for me to leave it sitting on my plate.  Even if it doesn’t taste good, sooner or later I will start picking at it.  And picking and picking until it is all in my stomach.  I celebrated September 1 by eating while doing the Sudoku.  I loved it.

On to September.  I chose star gazing.  Many years ago, Dan bought me this really cool book called “365 Starry Nights.”  The idea is that you do just a little bit of star gazing a night and by the end of the year, you have pretty much seen all the major constellations.  Well, I manage to make it through January 5 every year.  That is Orion and I’m very, very good at finding it.  So, I thought September would be the perfect time.  It is getting dark sooner so I don’t have to stay up late.  And the weather usually cooperates  so that the sky is clear.  Well, it has not gone at all as planned.  At first I started great, but the stars I was looking for were right in the Milky Way.  I suppose if I were actually patient, I could have waited until my eyes adjusted a bit and actually seen something.  I did find the summer triangle though.  Then school started and I was wanting to drag myself to bed right after dinner.  I didn’t, but my brain shut itself off then.  I would crawl in bed and think, “Rats!  I didn’t look at the stars.”  On the days I did remember, the days bit was information about novas.  No stars to look at.  And if there were stars I was supposed to look at, the fog had rolled in.  September has been quite warm in Oregon this year.  That creates a giant vacuum that sucks moist air in off the ocean.  Once that air hits the land, it becomes fog.  And the fog has made it all the way to us.  So, I haven’t managed to see any new stars at all.  Sort of a bummer.  I might remember tonight, but there are real clouds coming in.  They replaced the fog.