Monthly Archives: October 2011


So, here it is a week into October and I haven’t even decided what to change this month. Maybe I should decide that what I will change this month is changing something!

Last month, I tried to look at the stars each night. That did not work nearly as well as I had hoped. I used my book “365 Starry Nights,'” and intended to do it every day. But school started very hard this year and I tended to crash almost every night. Then the stars I was looking at were right in the Milky Way. So basically I was looking for specific stars in a very big cloud of stars. I’m just not good enough to do that! Maybe I needed to stay up later when it was even darker. I don’t know except that I do know that was not going to happen. The last night I managed to get out and look at them, I did find the stars I was looking for. It was all very exciting.

Which brings me to this month. I am getting old. My body is letting me know in a variety of ways, most obviously the wrinkles and odd-shaped age spots on my face. It could be the stress from school or Dan having cancer. But whatever it is, I do not like it. I keep reading in all the girlie magazines that sun damage is the main cause. Sooooooo, the boring change for this month is to wear sunscreen on my face every day. I do wear sunscreen eventually on most days. On days I go in to school first thing, it goes on pretty early. But if I’m not going to school or not until later in the morning, then it may or may not go on and if so, then later rather than earlier. So I’m going to try to slather it on when I get out of the shower. Not sure what I will do if I don’t shower. Maybe I will have to add “take a shower every day” to a future month. Will I see a difference at the end of the month? If the first week’s weather is any indication, there will be no sun to need to be screened from.