Monthly Archives: April 2012

I’m back, but for how long?

OK, here’s the thing. I love writing, but I don’t love it quite enough to make the time for it regularly. I mean to. I really do. And it’s not like there are any people following who will wonder what happened to me. So, I’m totally lacking in motivation. So, I’m just going to face up to my deficiencies in this area. As much fun as it is, I’m just not going to do it at anything even closely resembling regularity. OK, not THAT kind of regularity.

I have, however, been making small changes each month. In December, I really focused on trusting God. That has made my life hugely better. I have been looking up and writing down a different Bible verse for every day (OK, I haven’t actually done it EVERY day. But most days.) that tells me not to fear. I heard on the radio that the Bible says “do not fear” 365 times. I don’t believe that because it’s now April and I have exhausted that phrase in three different Bible concordances. But there are lots of them. And doing that every day has made me actually remember to trust God.

January was focused on Dan. No offense, but that is really none of your business!

February, I focused on staying in contact with family. I had mixed results. My aunt Faith’s memorial was in February, so I had lots of contact with family then. But that has been a struggle. Sometimes, I put it off because I’m busy. Sometimes I call and leave a message and get no answer. Sigh. I’m going to keep on trying though. Once a week, I want to make sure I’m at least attempting to contact each important person or group of people. It’s important and I need to get better.

March was nothing. I was just too tired from finishing grad school and student teaching. It was a good hiatus. I did continue with my Bible verses and the Dan stuff that is still none of your business.

Now it’s April and I’m focusing on my friends (in addition to keeping the other month’s resolutions). I try to make sure that I make more than a cursory check in with my friends at least once a week. I’ve not been a good friend in the past, so I’m trying to do better here too. Interestingly, this is going much better than trying to stay connected to my family. I wonder what that means. Do my friends love me more than my family? Hmmm. Maybe I like them better. Hard to say. But they both take intentional effort.

May is about to start. How did that happen? For next month, I think I will tackle healthy habits. Over the past few months, I have been a bit remiss on exercising every day. I have let the weekends go. I have given in when I just don’t feel like it. With student teaching and Dan’s cancer, there were many days that I just couldn’t manage to fit it in. I was also fighting tendinitis in my shoulder that slowed me down many time. And my clothes are letting me know. So for May, it will be exercise every day. And to get back to my healthy eating plan that I have convinced myself that I am skinny enough to ignore. See two sentences ago.

So, that is the nutshell update. I’m hoping to do a better job of updating this. but don’t hold your breath.