Signs of Spring

Bluebird 1-16

This little fellow was in my yard this past week.  It is a rare event to see a bluebird here for one day ever.  But we counted at least 10 of them and they are still here for Day 8!  And yesterday driving into town, I saw two redwinged blackbirds in the slough along the highway.

As anyone who knows me even a little bit knows, I love winter.  Today we have had one heavy rain shower after another, with hail thrown in for variety.  I LOVE days like this.  I am truly a pluviophile.  (Someone who gets a feeling of peace from the rain)  But I also love to see the seasons change.

And the seasons are starting to change here in the Pacific Northwest.  We will certainly still have our share of rain.  We might even get a touch of snow.  Ice might show up too.  And I will enjoy all of those.  But I am also quite happy to see the signs of change.

The bulbs are sending up shoots.  The roses have started breaking buds.  The helebores and anemones are growing and budding.  My home is starting to be filled with the fragrance of the violets and daphne I have been picking from the garden.

It reminds me of the Persian fable of the sultan who asked his wise men for a saying that could be inscribed on a ring and would be true in good times and in bad.  They went away and pondered and returned with the phrase, “This too shall pass.”

Are things just the way you like them?  They will pass.  Are you struggling in some area of your life.  It will pass.  Things may pass too soon or too slowly, but they will pass.  The words give me hope when situations are not what I would prefer.  And they also remind me to enjoy the good things I have because they will not be here forever.  Like my family. My home.  My friends.  And bluebirds.


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