Monthly Archives: March 2016

This is What 56 Looks Like

Today is my birthday.  I am 56.  I have lots of people ask me if I’m “39 and holding.”  Nope.  I’m 56 and proud of it.  I’ve earned it.  Last year, I went to St. Vincent dePaul on my birthday to get my senior citizen discount.  Isn’t that funny?DSCN1762

This is me today.  Not bad for such an “old lady” I think.  I’m rocking my new red cowboy boots and my “Birthday Girl” tiara.  (99 cents at St. Vinnie’s. It’s plastic and tacky, which makes it perfect.)  That bag I’m holding is a bag of Party Animal cookies.  You might know them as Circus Animals, but Franz calls them Party Animals.  Party Animals is a much better name.  I gave them out all day today to anyone who made eye contact.

That’s my birthday tradition.  Years ago my birthday coincided with my school volunteer day.  I decided that I would bring treats just like the kids do.  It was one of my best birthdays ever and certainly my best adult birthday.  It was so much fun, I do it every year.  I’ve become famous in our small town.  People who don’t know me know about the woman who hands out cookies on her birthday.

Can I let you in on a little secret?  I don’t do it to be nice.  People always think that.  Nope.  (Well, I might be nice sometimes.)  Every time I say to someone, “It’s my birthday.  Have a cookie,” they wish me a happy birthday.  How cool is that!  And that is really what I want for my birthday:  attention.

So, even though I can’t be where you are to offer you a cookie in person, have a cookie.  It’s my birthday!!