Monthly Archives: April 2016

Good Day

So, anyone who knows me, knows that I am an extravert.  I talk to total strangers in the grocery store.  I can never enter a room without being noticed.  I love being around people all the time.  Until I don’t.

Lately I have been firmly in the “don’t” camp.  I have been craving time at home by myself to just do my stuff.  No agendas.  No things I have to do or people I have to spend time with.  Just me, a few podcasts and my timer.

Today was one of those days.  The school district I work for is on a four-day schedule, which means that usually I have Friday off.  Not always, but usually.  I spend the first half of that day recharging from the week.  It really doesn’t satisfy the craving.  Saturday could, but lately there have been several things that need to be done.  Things I enjoy and have chosen to do.  But not puttering.  I need to putter.

But this week I had a dizzy spell.  I hate my dizzy spells.  (Please do not comment on what might be causing them.  You are probably wrong and I will feel the need to tell you that my doctor and I have already explored that option.)  It hit around noon on Wednesday while I was outside weeding the school garden with my class.  I managed to finish up the day, including a meeting.  In an effort to ensure that I would feel better on Thursday, I made up sub plans.  Nothing like being prepared to make things all better.  That was a good thing because within half an hour of getting up on Thursday, I was dizzy.

I spent the day on the couch binge watching “Gilmore Girls.”  Entertaining, but not needing too much thought to enjoy.  Especially since I’ve seen all of the episodes so many times that I know what is going to happen in each one.  Perfect for a day when you are not terribly sick, but not well either.  Mid-afternoon, the dizziness lifted, but I was pretty tired, so I rested some more.

Which brought me to today.  Today I felt just fine.  I was well-rested and didn’t have to be anywhere at all.  So I did exciting things like….clean the bathtub, clean out the shed, and wash windows.  All things that have been nagging at me to do for some time now.  I feel absolutely fabulous.

I don’t think I want to have another dizzy spell any time soon.  But I am really appreciating how this one timed itself to give me just what I needed.