My To Do List

Do you have a to do list?  Mine is in a page protector because I have a set group of things I try to accomplish each day and each week.  It’s quite nerdy, but it works for me.  Sort of.

I give myself only three things to accomplish each day.  Sort of. Those are beyond the “dailies.”  You know:  laundry, dinner, exercise, brush teeth.  (Really!  Brush teeth is one of the things I check off each day.  Otherwise, there’s about a 50% chance that I will forget.  TMI?  Sorry.)  Then I give myself three things to do each day:  one inside, one outside, and one “other.”  Today those tasks were:  make an ice cream cake (Done except for the glaze that you put on right before serving), plant the pepper plant I just bought to replace the one that died, (Done.  Also, weeded and deadheaded and pruned a rose bush.  Dan said I had enough trimming to make a whole other rose.) and wrap my bonus daughter’s birthday presents.  (Done.)

Then I have a weekly list that I very rarely manage to finish.  But I dream about having time at home to accomplish it.  It includes, menu planning and other paperwork (like paying bills), gardening, the weekly house blessing, and so on. This week isn’t yet done.  No surprise there.  But what is a surprise is that as soon as I hit publish for this blog entry, it will be done.  Done.  Done.

I do not feel caught up.  But I think I can just catch glimpse of something masquerading as caught up.  Almost.  Nah.  It’s all just a mirage.  But I did get a blog post done this week!


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