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The Cure for a Spinning Mind

God is so, so funny. Do you find that? I do. ¬†All the time. We are heading into my very, very favorite time of the year. Better even than my birthday. (And that’s saying a LOT.) I love the holidays. I love Thanksgiving. And I love, love, love Christmas. I’ve tried to figure out why I get so excited about it. It’s the story of God’s love. It’s sparkle. It’s family. It’s cozy. It’s just fabulous. By now, you may be wondering what does that have to do with the humor of God. Hang in there with me.

Every year I start buying presents months in advance. As soon as I see something I think someone would like, I buy it. Because you know it will not be available later! And I start the official planning in mid-October. I do a little bit each day. It really brings me joy. The anticipation builds. Love it.

This year, however, I’m struggling. There are so many unknowns that I do not know how the holidays will play out. Planning a menu? Figuring out the meal “accessories?” Usually quite fun. This year, not so much.

My in-laws are experiencing some health problems. My mother-in-law will actually be in the hospital on Thanksgiving recovering from surgery. We have a bit of a plan. I’m making the turkey and taking it to my sister-in-law’s house. But other than that, I do not know. But there is a framework of a plan, so I’m good with that.

Christmas, not so much. My older son is waiting to hear on a job he applied for. He is a strong candidate, but won’t know until well into December. So, will he have time to come home over Christmas? And my younger son lives in another city and has a full-time job. Will he be able to come on a different date if Son #1 is not available? Will we all go down to California if Son #1 gets the job and can’t come here? And what about our extended family? We usually get together on a different day to have a party with gift exchange. If we go to California, will we miss that? And I already have my gift. See? I am totally lacking direction. I’m spinning. I want to prepare, but I don’t know what I am preparing for.

And then I opened my devotional for today. The second Scripture for today is Isaiah 30:21. In case you don’t have that on memorized, here it is: “Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, ‘This is the way your should go,’ whether to the right or to the left.” And then John10:27. “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

The devotional “Jesus Calling” was published in 2004. Two thousand four. Ten years ago. And yet, God knew that on November 17, 2014 a woman would need to read those exact words from the Word of God. That I would need to know that I didn’t have to figure it out. That all I needed to do was listen for His voice. That this season of uncertainty is no surprise to Him. That He would need to reach down and remind me of this and calm my spinning mind. “This is the way you should go. Follow me.”

Good one God! You got me!